A nice video from the old facility

The Arlington Yacht Club has been holding saling races and social events on Lake Arlington for over 50 years!  We are dedicated to providing a strong family environment for our members!  Many members are into their third generation of membership!  A true testament to the quality of our club, its values and our dedication to insuring that you are welcomed with open arms!

You may think, "yacht club, how posh"  Well, that's the farthest thing from the AYC.  Our members cover the sprectrum of life including mechanics, small business owners, teachers and everywhere in between!  We all have a common love for the greatness of sailing.

We also like to have fun!  From our racing program to just hanging out at the club for a pot luck dinner, if you love the water and have an interest in sailing, the AYC is for you!

Here are some pictures and videos from a variety of events at the club for your enjoyment!

​The ​Arlington Yacht Club