2016 Race Duty Teams

​The ​Arlington Yacht Club

Directions: All Duty Team members shall participate with their scheduled Duty Team to spread the load between all members. We ask all members to keep their commitments and find replacements if a conflict comes up. Rich Laffey will keep the master schedule for the year with weekly reminders to each Duty Team based on who signed up for each week. No individual Duty Team Captains will be used, but a master schedule will be filled out for each Duty Team.

What is new or different?: This year we are scheduling Duty Teams as “on-the-water” Duty Teams. We are asking every member to volunteer and prepare the lunch on ONE race Sunday per year. This does NOT need to coincide with your Duty Team. Each active member will have ONE lunch duty to cover the year and it is NOT a part of the Duty Team responsibilities. As new members join the club, they will be assigned based on the Teams as listed above.